Icynene Europe | Spray foam insulation products for homes & commercial buildings
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About Icynene

Icynene is the pioneer of modern spray foam insulation. Since 1986, Icynene continues to lead the industry with its innovation and leadership by developing new open-cell and closed-cell products which are ideal for residential, commercial and industrial buildings. Icynene invests resources into developing high-performance spray foam solutions that both insulate and air-seal to meet local building codes and the demand from homeowners for energy efficiency and comfort.

In addition to providing insulating and air sealing value, Icynene spray foam insulation works to help reduce heating and cooling bills and reduce the penetration of noise with its excellent sound dampening qualities. Icynene spray foam insulation allows home and building owners live, work and play in comfort in more energy efficient buildings.

Icynene Europe SPRL is a full subsidiary of Icynene Inc. Icynene Europe’s range of high performance H2FOAM and IcyFoam spray foam insulation products have been specially formulated by Icynene Inc for the European market and building code requirements.

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Become part of the fastest growing and most respected spray foam insulation contractor community in Europe.


As European leading spray foam insulation manufacturer, Icynene is driving the insulation category further with its product innovation, world-class building science expertise, hands-on technical support and integrated marketing initiatives. This is your opportunity to join the industry leader and be part of the evolution of insulation.

Demand for energy-efficient buildings is rapidly growing across Europe.  Icynene can help you capitalize on this demand. Don’t risk your reputation by installing a brand of spray foam insulation “like” Icynene. Choose the real thing, and seize the opportunity to grow with the industry leader!

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With Icynene, you acquire a true business partner who is committed and will support you every step of the way as you develop and expand your business. A partnership with Icynene means you’re investing in our strong brand recognition and credibility. It also means you will have access to our highly respected support networks. From hands-on technical training to building science and engineering expertise to comprehensive, multi-faceted marketing support and a competitive Business Building Program, Icynene is a true business partner. Be part of it, today.


Icynene offers you to save time when working with architects, or if you need to calculate values of the construction using Icynene spray foam insulation.
Architects Library – extensive database of detailed design study design decisions thermal insulation of walls , roofs, ceilings and floors. Information provided here is available for download in PDF and DWG format is also available, and project documentation.

We do not forget about the constant updating of information based on your projects. We know that one kind of solution is not applicable in all cases. That is why we are always ready to listen to your comments and suggestions. You can send the request to the appropriate changes or recommendations that you would like to see in the Library of Architects. We need to get from you recommendations and suggestions. Our team will do everything that you find here all the necessary information about the proper insulation of buildings.

We believe that this approach will simplify and expedite the preparation of the design decisions. Information is available in Polish, Czech, Russian, English and French.

Contact us

Icynene Europe – main office
Clos Chapelle aux Champs, 30
B-1200 Brussels, Belgium

Tél: +32 (0)2 880 62 33
Fax:+32 (0)495 644 81

Representative office in Ukraine
26 prospekt Stepana Bendery, office 9
04073 Kyiv, Ukraine

Our team

Thierry Gossen

European Controller

tel.: +32 0032478312059

Jan Vimr

Product manager

tel. +420724111766

Oleg Matsevych

Sales Poland & Certification

tel.: +48888829108

Leonid Elbert

Sales in CIS & Baltic states

tel.: +380672464040

Jorrit Bosma

Sales Belgium, Netherlands and Scandinavia

tel.: +31 (0)6 29 00 22 55

Ihor Podstrel

Sales in CIS & Bulgaria, Technical specialist

tel.: +380935974055

Jana Vranova

Logistics and Customer Support Central & Eastern Europe

tel.: +420 732 680 688

Pierre Bautista

Sales Manager French Speaking Market

 Edgar Cinegr

Business Development Manager Central Europe

 Sylvie Guerin

Logistics and Customer Suppport French Speaking Markets

Lydie Havard

European Senior Accountant